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The First Day of School- Message from the Headmaster

The First Day of School- Message from the Headmaster

The first day of school is always the most exciting at St. Benedict Elementary. Students arrive early in uniform eagerly waiting to meet their new teachers and joy abounds in our tiny schoolhouse. I could not help but reflect on this joy as it sprung from a school filled with its 92 students and many parents and faculty members. What a unique place St. Benedict Elementary is to be such a continuous source of joy!

In our trying times, it can be easy for us to fall into worry, anxiety, and even despair while we take on the burdens that life presents. Even the most faithful Christians can fall into the despair of a culture that seems to be crumbling. Yet our children are untainted by this gloom. As St. Theresa of Avila famously wrote, “Lord, save us from gloomy saints.” Our children are joyful because they are faithful and they trust in the truth that has been passed on to them. Jesus told us to become like children and so, as we begin this school year, let us take those words to heart. For all of the world’s trouble, this much we know to be true- Jesus Christ rose from the dead. There is no cause for worry; the victory has already been won. God bless and I look forward to a great year at SBE!

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